Wholesale challenges and the benefits of moving to the cloud

Today, many wholesale businesses are challenged with trying to diversify their business, to sell more products through different channels. However, having a big warehouse and keeping it stocked to the roof simply isn’t feasible for wholesalers who want to keep stock holding costs as minimal as possible. The good news is that current technology allows businesses to be smarter in their inventory management and warehouse management practices. With access to sophisticated reporting tools, data, and insights into stock movements, wholesalers are better equipped to hold the right amount of inventory at the right time.

  • Choosing the right sales channels

The wholesale business model has grown since many businesses have seized upon the opportunity to create their own retail brand, diversifying their business to be a retail-wholesale hybrid. Historically, doing both B2C and B2B trading was too labor-intensive for most businesses, but with advances in technology it’s becoming an attractive option.

However, with this transition comes the difficulty of choosing the right places and channels through which to sell. Pop-ups are a great testing ground, because they require minimal technology and overhead costs, resulting in a high ROI over a short timeframe. 

  • Keeping up with demand

With advances in wholesale technology comes increased customer demand for faster service and self-service capabilities. B2B businesses need to be constantly adapting to ensure they’re providing the most direct way for customers to purchase from them, such as providing self-service opportunities.

These challenges can be overwhelming for some businesses, but increasingly more companies are realizing how cloud computing can alleviate these issues.

The benefits of moving to a cloud-based wholesale management system

  • Empower customers

Traditionally, wholesale businesses would have to hand out physical sales catalogs to potential clients and then follow-up by phone – a slow and inefficient process. With a cloud inventory management system like TradeGecko, wholesalers today can invite clients to their online B2B portal, where they have access to online sales catalogs and can even place orders. This not only puts the power into the customer's hands but also opens up a more direct communication channel, facilitating ongoing relationships with customers.

  • Lower costs

One clear benefit of moving to the cloud is that wholesalers can say goodbye to the costs of printing catalogs, physical terms and conditions, and so on. While some business owners still think in traditional terms, top wholesalers are already moving their wholesale businesses online to cut down on costs and provide a better customer experience.

  • Streamline operations

One of the biggest things wholesalers have struggled with until recently was streamlining the process from order placement to fulfillment. The fulfillment chain involves everyone from finance to sales to warehouse workers, so it makes sense to have a centralized system. With a cloud-based wholesale management system, all necessary information can be seen by anyone, at any time, and in real time. This reduces the likelihood of errors and facilitates better collaboration and communication between teams – ultimately, making the entire sales process much smoother and more efficient.

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